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   20 Questions to a Better Personality

Outcome Key

SECF -- Sober Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a Hippie.

You are passionate about your causes and steadfast in your commitments. Once you've made up your mind, no one can convince you otherwise. Your politics are left-leaning, and your lifestyle choices temperate and chaste.

You enjoy endurance sports and not spending money.

If there are jelly beans around, you will eat too many.

You do tremendous work when focused, but usually you operate somewhat distracted. You get plenty done in this state. You blow hot and cold, and while you normally work on the side of goodness and truth, you have a massive capacity for resentment which is not to be trifled with. You don't get mad, you get even.

Please don't get even with this web site.

9 % are this type.

SECL -- Sober Emotional Constructive Leader. This makes you a Politician.

You cut deals, you change minds, you make things happen. You would prefer to be liked than respected, but generally people react to you with both. You are very sensitive to criticism, since your entire business is making people happy.

At times your commitment to the happiness of other people can cut into the happiness of you and your loved ones. This is very demanding on those close to you, who may feel neglected. Slowly, you will learn to set your own agenda -- including time to yourself.

You are gregarious, friendly, charming and charismatic. You like animals, sports, and beautiful cars. You wear understated accessories and have secret bad habits, like chewing your fingers and fidgeting.

You are very difficult to dislike.

You're a good cook.

9 % are this type.

SEDF -- Sober Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a Mad Genius.

You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting.

Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well -- even those you have known a long time -- because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable.

You correct others' grammar.

You enjoy the field of chemistry.

You are not to be messed with. You may explode.

18 % are this type.

SEDL -- Sober Emotional Destructive Leader. This makes you a Dictator.

You prefer to control situations, and lack of control makes you seriously uncomfortable. You feel responsibility for everyone's welfare, and that you'll be blamed when things go wrong. When things do go wrong, you take it harder than you should.

You rely on the validation and support of others, but you have a secret distrust for people and distaste for their weaknesses that make you keep your distance. This makes you very difficult to be with romantically. Still, a level-headed peacemaker can keep you balanced.

Despite your fierce temper and general hot-bloodedness, you have a soft spot for animals and a passion for the arts. Sometimes you would rather live by your wits in the wilderness somewhere, if you could bring your books and your sketchbook.

You also have a strange, undeniable attractiveness.

You may go insane.

7 % are this type.

SRCF -- Sober Rational Constructive Follower. This makes you a White House Staffer.

You are a valuable asset to any employer: cool under pressure, productive, and a great communicator. You feel the need to right wrongs, take up slack, mediate disputes and keep the peace. This comes from a secret fear that business can't go on without you -- or worse, that it can.

If you have a weakness, it is your inability to say "no." While your peers respect you, they find it difficult to resist taking advantage of your positive attitude and eagerness to take on work. You depend on a good manager to keep you from sinking under the weight and burning out.

You enjoy puzzle games and will play them until they give you funny dreams.

You would have a very hard time giving up soft drinks.

8 % are this type.

SRCL -- Sober Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you a Ayn Rand Ideal.

Taggart? Roark? Galt? You are all of these. You were born to lead. You may not be particularly exciting -- wild nights out are not your thing -- but you have a strange charisma born of intellect and personal drive that people begin to notice when they've been around you a while. You don't like to compromise, but you recognize when it's to your advantage.

You care absolutely nothing what other people think, and this somehow attracts people to you. Treat them well, use them wisely, and ascend to your rightful rank.

You distrust doctors.

You like spearmint. Nobody likes spearmint.

6 % are this type.

SRDF -- Sober Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a Fountain of Knowledge.

You are cool, analytical, intelligent and funny only when it's worth the effort.

Sometimes you slice through conversation with a cutting observation. You make a strong and lasting impression on everyone you meet, the quality of which depends more on their personality than yours.

You may feel persecuted, as you can become a target for teasing. Still, you are focused enough on your work and secure enough in your abilities not to care.

You are productive and invaluable to those you work for. You are loyal, steadfast, and conscientious. Your grooming is impeccable.

When a pen stops working, you're the one that throws it away.

XKCD is your favorite thing basically ever.

9 % are this type.

SRDL -- Sober Rational Destructive Leader. This makes you a Mob Boss.

You are the ultimate alpha person and even your friends give you space. You can't stand whiners, weaklings, schlemiels or schlemozzles. You don't crack many jokes, but when you do, others laugh. They must.

People often turn to you for advice, and wisely. You are calm in a crisis, cautious in a tempest, and attuned to even the finest details. Yours is the profile of a smart head for business and a formidable opponent.

You have a natural knack for fashion and carry off formal clothes like a movie star. Your charisma is striking and without artifice. You are generous, thoughtful, and appreciate life's finer things.

You like horses.

You love air hockey.

6 % are this type.

WECF -- Wacky Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a Candle Burning at Both Ends.

You work until you drop, and you play until you can work again. You have so much enthusiasm that you can find it hard to control on your own, and you appreciate leadership that channels your energy and lets you be your best.

In a relationship, you require lots of attention and support. You often over-contribute and end up feeling depleted and cheated. You may benefit from more time alone than you grant yourself.

Your driving force is the emotional support of others. You can run on empty for miles if you have positive energy behind you. Without it, you are difficult to motivate and will soon change projects.

You eat your vegetables.

You enjoy puns.

2 % are this type.

WECL -- Wacky Emotional Constructive Leader. This makes you a People's Advocate.

You are passionate for a good cause. Your personal fire is contagious, and others wish they could be as dedicated to their beliefs as you are.

Your dedication may cause you to miss the boat on life's trivia. You feel no loss skipping an inane mixer, but it can be frustrating to those that do value those things. While you find it difficult to see other points of view, it may be useful to pretend you do.

In any event, you have buckets of charisma and a natural skill for making people open up. Your greatest asset is an ability to make progress while keeping the peace.

You work behind the scenes.

You prefer cold weather.

You packed a snack, if anyone needs it.

6 % are this type.

WEDF -- Wacky Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you a Iconoclast.

You chew your fingers and have an addictive personality. Properly guided, you can be enormously productive--otherwise you run amok, stir up trouble, and generally have a hell of a good time.

To your friends, you are a source of relentless entertainment. You often get into trouble, but you almost always find a way out. You are strangely popular and feed off others' energy.

You live hard, seize the day, and although your more sober friends would like to see you settle down, you generally have fewer regrets and better memories than they do. Your tenet is that, at the end of the day, one regrets only what one didn't try.

You enjoy caffeine.

You watch TV show marathons while working on other projects.

4 % are this type.

WEDL -- Wacky Emotional Destructive Leader. This makes you a Anarchist.

You don't give a damn. When push comes to shove, you just forget about it -- it's just not worth the heartache. What this means for others is that dealing with you can be aggravating, because they find they can't get you motivated about things they care about. What this means for you is that you are happier, calmer and saner then they are on their best days.

You are near-immune to criticism, and those who know you well acknowledge and respect that. You may come across as lazy, but the truth is that you find little to get worked up about. Regardless, you have slews of friends, because they are fascinated by your world view, jealous of your lifestyle, and drawn to the fact that you are hilarious to be around.

You are a pillar of cool in a sea of hot-bloodedness. You have a sweet tooth.

You have a high metabolism.

You refuse to wear things that hurt.

0 % are this type.

WRCF -- Wacky Rational Constructive Follower. This makes you a Pundit.

You are unflappable and largely unconcerned with others' reactions to you. You were not particularly interested in the results of this test, and probably took it only as a result of someone else asking you to.

You have a biting wit and intense powers of observation. No detail is lost on you, and your friends know it, relying on you to have the facts when others express only opinions. You are even-tempered, friendly, and educated. Foolish strangers may mistake your mildness for weakness. They will be surprised.

You entire approach to life is enviable. You will raise good kids.

You stay up too late.

You cuss.

7 % are this type.

WRCL -- Wacky Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you a Kind of a Big Deal.

People gravitate to you, and you make them feel good. You are smart, charismatic, and interesting. You may be very sensitive to others' reactions, especially criticism. Your self-opinion and mood depends greatly on those around you.

You think fast and have a smart mouth, are a hoot to your friends and agreeable to your opponents. You hold a grudge like a brass ring. You crackle.

Although you have a leader's personality, you often choose not to lead, as leaders stray too far from their audience. You probably weren't very popular in high school. The joke's on them!

You get way into RPGs.

You may be a rock star.

5 % are this type.

WRDF -- Wacky Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a Hacker.

Your thirst for knowledge can be damaging to your possessions -- you like to take things apart, even if you then forget to put them back together. You demand respect and, no matter how much you are respected, seldom feel it is adequate.

You are tenacious and will stick to a task long after weaker minds have given it up.

You can be awkward in strange social situations. You may get into arguments. This makes some people uncomfortable, but others will rise to the occasion and spar with you. Your no-holds-barred approach to socialization can be endearing, as long as you are funny and self-deprecating.

You are asked to fix other people's technology.

You can't stand how some people have their phone set up.

You love Warheads candy.

2 % are this type.

WRDL -- Wacky Rational Destructive Leader. This makes you a Revolutionary.

You are charismatic and winning and a very dangerous opponent. You favor justice over compassion, and would almost rather see your opponent fail than you succeed.

You impact the lives of those around you more than any other personality. People remember your name and respect you. You can be a tremendous amount of fun to be around and astonishing to watch. You are generally abstinent in your habits, and you like things tidy and ordered.

You wish you had more time to read.

You enjoy funky cheeses.

When picking teams, it is smartest for others to pick yours.

1 % are this type.

407 people have taken this quiz. Here is the distribution:
SECFHippie9.1 %..........
SECLPolitician9.1 %..........
SEDFMad Genius17.9 %..................
SEDLDictator7.1 %........
SRCFWhite House Staffer7.9 %........
SRCLAyn Rand Ideal6.1 %.......
SRDFFountain of Knowledge8.6 %.........
SRDLMob Boss5.7 %......
WECFCandle Burning at Both Ends2 %..
WECLPeople's Advocate6.4 %.......
WEDFIconoclast4.4 %.....
WEDLAnarchist0.2 %.
WRCFPundit6.6 %.......
WRCLKind of a Big Deal4.9 %.....
WRDFHacker2 %..
WRDLRevolutionary1.2 %..

W/S27.8 % are Wacky72.2 % are Sober
R/E43 % are Rational57 % are Emotional
C/D52.1 % are Constructive47.9 % are Destructive
L/F40.8 % are Leader59.2 % are Follower

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